Xtreme Torque Arm Kit With CB001 And DSL004



Improve handling, reduce wheel hop, and add strength and adjustability to your 3rd or 4th-Gen GM F-body with an adjustable Xtreme Torque Arm from BMR Suspension. The factory stamped steel torque arm deflects tremendously, even with mild amounts of horsepower and torque. Manufactured from lightweight 1.25-inch Chromoly steel tubing and heavy-duty 3/8-inch, laser cut, CNC-formed steel plate, BMR’s Xtreme Torque Arm adds strength and adjustability over the weak factory torque arm. The front mount utilizes 1 5/8-inch cross tube that welds to the frame rails. A 95-duromter polyurethane bushing is used for long, quiet, and trouble free operation. The torque arm uses the rear factory mounting locations with heavy-duty rod ends. Pinion angle is adjustable using a heavy-duty CNC machined 4130 Chrome-moly adjuster.

BMR Suspension designed the XTA001 for street performance and drag race applications. The heavy-duty design eliminated torque arm deflection, allowing power to transfer more efficiently to the tires. The torque arm allows for on-car pinion angle adjustability. The heavy-duty Chrome-moly adjuster in the torque arm allows for on-car fine-tuning of pinion angle. The torque arm mounts in the factory mount with a 95-durometer polyurethane bushing. This transfers power efficiently, without huge increases in NVH.

Torque arm hardware kit RH001 (Highly Recommended) also available.

BMR Suspension adjustable Xtreme Torque Arm is available in black hammertone and red powdercoat. Installation time is 3-4 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.