Total Suspension Bushing Kit (BK021, BK022, BK041)



Minimize suspension deflection and improve overall handling in your 2012-2013 Camaro with a Total Suspension Bushing Kit from BMR Suspension. Manufactured from low-deflection polyurethane, this kit consists of the street version Rear Cradle Bushing Kit (BK041), Rear Suspension Bushing Kit (BK021), and Front Suspension Bushing Kit (BK022). The BMR Total Suspension Bushing Kit (BK042) minimizes bushing deflection in all front and rear suspension links. Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer that has many properties that make it far superior to OEM rubber bushings. Polyurethane deflects far less that soft rubber, and it doesn’t breakdown from exposure to petroleum products, road salt, ozone, and other elements of the harsh undercar environment suspension bushings live in.

Manufactured from low-deflection 95-durometer polyurethane, the BMR rack mount bushing minimizes steering rack movement, helping to maintain consistent toe during aggressive handling. Excessive rack mount bushing deflection can cause toe changes, resulting in erratic and inconsistent handling. BMR’s polyurethane rack mount bushing reduces that deflection, allowing for more consistent toe setting. This reduction in deflection also allows for dramatically improved steering response and overall feel, allowing you to be more confident as a driver.

BMR’s polyurethane cradle bushing inserts are molded from 95-durometer polyurethane, which reduces bushing deflection by filling the large voids in the factory bushings. This design reduces deflection and improves the overall feel of the car, while still absorbed road noise and engine vibrations. This allows you to increase performance without decreasing comfort.

BMR’s polyurethane trailing arm and control arm bushings are molded from low-deflection 95 and 70-durometer polyurethane. This design gives you a dramatic reduction in bushing deflection that greatly improves performance. Tis reduction in deflection considerably lessens wheelhop and increases rear suspension stability, especially in performance driving situations.

BMR’s differential bushings are molded from 68-durometer polyurethane, which reduces bushing deflection, while still absorbed road noise and engine vibrations. This drastically increases differential stability over the factory rubber bushings. The polyurethane bushings allow you to increase performance without decreasing comfort.

Designed for street performance applications, BMR Total Suspension Bushing Kits enhance the overall stability of the vehicle by minimizing bushing deflection increasing the performance capabilities of your Camaro. This provides a much more stabilized and predictable platform that permits the suspension to more accurately do its job. The reduction in deflection equates to more stability in the rear suspension and less wheelhop, with more precise steering and less alignment changes during performance driving. All with little to no increase in NVH.

BMR does not recommend this kit for vehicles with more than 450 RWHP. For applications above this power lever, BMR suggests the BK029 Differential Bushing Kit (95 durometer polyurethane) or BK026 Differential Bushing Kit (Delrin) in addition to the BK040.

BMR Suspension’s BK041 Differential Bushing Kit is available in red. Installation time is about 6-8 hours and may vary depending on stock bushing removal technique. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!